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Why Your Web Designer Hates You

In this week’s show, the difference between web designers and web developers, and the reasons why your web designer is not following you back on Twitter and Instagram. But not to worry; I also provide some tips on how to get along with web designers and developers. Show notes: Sites mentioned: Modern Pugilist Entertainment: ModernPugilistEntertainment.com Sound bite: SNL, Nick Burns, ...

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WordPress: The Barriers to Business Online Are Gone

In last week’s episode I explained how websites and website hosting works. This week we continue that conversation with how WordPress fits into the world of building and managing websites. Along the way I share stories from the past to add perspective and present some deep questions for you and your business. Relax and enjoy during your morning/afternoon commute or ...

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Website Elementary School: The Fun-da-mentals of Websites

What’s a web server? How do domain names work? How to pick a domain name. How does web hosting work? This week I answer these questions and more. Show notes: Sites mentioned: Teresa Capaldo, Business Development and Strategy Coach: teresacapaldo.com Namecheap: Namecheap.com Godaddy: Godaddy.com Sound bite: The Office, Season 6 Episode 6, 2009 Full Transcription Today we’re going to go ...

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Phishing Protection

Let’s talk about phishing and how you can spot phishing and protect yourself. If you follow these rules and guidelines, generally speaking, you will be able to figure out that the email you receive, the phone call that you receive or whatever communication or even mail that you receive is phishing.

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Web Surfing Security

Let’s talk about a few things that are a little bit more advanced but how to basically protect yourself as you surf online. First thing you want to do is you obviously want to make sure that if you are entering sensitive data into a form or anything like that, you want to make sure that the site is reputable. ...

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To-Do Lists in Evernote

Are you still making to-do lists with pen and paper, and then can’t find your list when you need it? While writing things down is good, there is a better way remember things and organized. In this digital era one way is to switch over to an app that allows you to create as many to-do lists as you wish ...

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The way spyware works is that it gets onto your computer and it basically spies on you and it looks at all the websites you visit, what you do on your computer, what you type into your computer, it spies on the mouse clicks and so forth. Imagine going into a financial bank site filling in your username and password ...

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The Information that Shapes Our Ideas

How do you really know if online experts are giving you bad advice? On this cast, we talk about an area of confusion that comes from conflicting or bad information we often come across online by the place we least expect: trusted experts. Show notes: Sites mentioned: Tom Shanley, TV and Movie Actor, Writer, Producer: tomschanley.com Full Transcription Hi I’m ...

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