Basic Online Protection

You’ve heard of the statement, “Don’t open email attachments or even emails from people that you don’t know.” Keep in mind that some of the viruses can attack people that you do know and you have no idea that the pictures, the family photos that they’re sending to you are attached with viruses and spyware because their computer got infected. That’s how smart hackers begin to figure it out. They figured it out that if you get an email from your family, your loved one, your husband, your wife, your son, your granddaughter, your grandson and so forth; then you’re most likely gonna open that email rather than an email from a stranger, right? Obviously, that is an issue. If you have the proper antivirus software set up that will be scanning your email attachments and scanning your browsers and everything you visit in terms of websites, then it will detect if there is a virus or spyware coming through your computer. That’s definitely a plus. But you can eliminate that just by common sense thinking, okay, I got an email from my grandson but the email doesn’t even sound like my grandson. The way that the words are worded, the grammar, and things like that; it’s best to just contact them and then say, “Hey, did you send this to me?” and verify that before anything were to happen. Like I said earlier, if you have your antivirus software set up, then it will scan for this. Some free software will do this, some won’t. Sometimes, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro level version. I’ll show you some antivirus software that will actually help you in this. I personally have had many situations this has had happened but the antivirus software and the spyware software has caught it before it has done any damage.

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