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To-Do Lists in Evernote

Are you still making to-do lists with pen and paper, and then can’t find your list when you need it? While writing things down is good, there is a better way remember things and organized. In this digital era one way is to switch over to an app that allows you to create as many to-do lists as you wish ...

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How to Use Blab Step-by-Step

Your Guide to Using Blab to Grow Your Audience Yesterday was Periscope and Meerkat (and Blab too) but today is all about Blab. What the heck is Blab? If you caught yesterday’s Periscope article, as you should have 🙂  you know by now that Blab is a live broadcasting, video streaming app that allows you to start and join conversations ...

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How to Use Periscope App

…and other live video streaming apps So what’s the hottest platform for getting your message across online? Right now, the platform that offers perhaps the most opportunity is live video streaming. It’s a concept that has been around for a while but only recently has it started to mature thanks to innovative new apps and the hardware and networks to ...

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Create a WordPress Test Site in Just 5 Minutes

If you’ve ever experienced the WordPress “white screen of death,” applying plugin, theme or WordPress updates can be nerve-racking. Especially for me since I manage sites for clients, the last thing I want to do is be responsible for taking a site offline that doesn’t belong to me. For years I’ve run WordPress sites in my own testing environment on my ...

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