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The Battle for Mobile

…and how it affects YOUR website Google’s Obsession: Mobile Google’s online advertising dominance is under threat from the Instagrams and Snapchats of the interwebs, while Facebook and Apple are making moves that could deal heavy blows to Google ad revenue. Where is this battle taking place? On mobile devices. Mobile keeps people off Google. People search for things within discrete ...

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Your Site is Probably Being Attacked Right Now

Your Website Is Putting Your Business At Risk As you read this your site is probably being attacked. Most attacks are automated, jumping from site to site looking for specific vulnerabilities. Thousands of sites are scanned by hackers each minute looking for targets. That’s the harsh reality of today’s online world. In my experience in building and managing websites for ...

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How to Maximize Sales from Your Online Store PART III

Summary & Conclusion Now that you’ve finished this article series, you should: Understand where to find objective data to use in order to improve your e-commerce website. Know why branding is important and how to start communicating your brand and building relationships with it. Have several ideas for techniques to help you make the process of buying from your site ...

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How to Maximize Sales from Your Online Store PART II

Up-Sell, Cross-Sell and Down-Sell In order to meet customers’ diverse needs and keep your conversions as high as they’ll go, you need to identify every possible selling opportunity. Considering and implementing various strategies for selling ensures that your customers get what they need from you and have a positive experience buying from you, as well as keep your e-commerce business ...

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How to Maximize Sales From Your Online Store

Practical Tips For Increasing Sales And Leads Is your e-commerce store producing the results you want? If not, it may just need a bit of fine-tuning. In the following article series, you’ll find tips and strategies that can help you do that. By the time you finish the article, you’ll have a list of ideas that you can implement right ...

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Set Up Your Blog Already!

There has been some confusion about blogging (or its fancier name “content marketing”) in recent years. The web is littered with daily articles and videos tips, advice and even high-priced courses and personal coaching on the subject of blogging. Courses by guru bloggers showing how they make money blogging are being churned out all the time. Yet a lot of ...

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How to Update WordPress Themes

Updating the Theme for Your Site Let’s say, that the company that created your theme has an update — they’ve added features, they’ve removed features, and they’ve updated it, and you want to have the latest version of that theme. Well, here’s how to take care of that.

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