Firewalls and Antivirus Software

Let’s talk about firewalls and antivirus software. In the context that I am speaking of, these are two different things. The purpose of the antivirus software is to detect viruses that might be coming in through email attachments or viruses that might be coming through other sites that you visit while you’re visiting them real time. That’s when antivirus software is most effective. A lot of times, we see companies bundle antivirus software, firewalls, spyware all into one big package but the reality of it all is that you need to segment them and figure out, okay, what is this company really good at? Coz specific companies are really good at firewalls, some are really good at viruses, and some are really good at spyware. With the experience that I have with dealing with all of this software, working for an IT security company and so forth, I’m able to tell you kind of from my experience what has worked and what really hasn’t. What I found is over the years is that if you find software that focus specifically on an area, then that’s actually better. For example, Zone Alarm is a firewall system and they’ve been around for many, many years. From all the different firewall software that I’ve used personally, I found that Zone Alarm tends to be the best. I’ve used them since almost since they started.

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