Get Immediate Help for Free

Yes, I will meet with you online to help you with your WordPress website, social media or ebook problems — absolutely free of charge!

I will help you with stuff like:

  • Set up an email opt-in form on your site for email list building
  • Automate social media posts to save you time
  • Getting your images positioned correctly (so you look like you know what you’re doing)
  • Show you how to protect your site
  • Setting up a CDN to speed up your WordPress site

…or anything else you need help with.

You share your screen using GoToMeeting, Skype or Google Hangouts (whichever you’re comfortable with) for our online meeting.

No need to share passwords; you log into your accounts and I’ll guide you to fix your problem remotely.

I’ll even video record our session so you can refer to it anytime you get stuck!

Please read: This is a free service I offer to grow my network and do what I love: meeting new people and helping them. This is NOT a way to get free labor; we work together unless you want to hire me.

Also, I cannot guarantee I will fix your problem, but I’ll give it my best a shot.

To schedule your first online session, just drop your name and email below to create an account, and please leave a quick note on what you need help with. This helps me weed out spammers and people who are not serious about learning.

I’ll respond to your message in 24 hours or less. Priority is given to nonprofit organizations and those willing to trade/barter services.

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For a faster response, send a tweet to @tomlitchfield letting me know you’ve sent your info.



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