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How to Use Blab Step-by-Step

Your Guide to Using Blab to Grow Your Audience Yesterday was Periscope and Meerkat (and Blab too) but today is all about Blab. What the heck is Blab? If you caught yesterday’s Periscope article, as you should have 🙂  you know by now that Blab is a live broadcasting, video streaming app that allows you to start and join conversations ...

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How to Use Periscope App

…and other live video streaming apps So what’s the hottest platform for getting your message across online? Right now, the platform that offers perhaps the most opportunity is live video streaming. It’s a concept that has been around for a while but only recently has it started to mature thanks to innovative new apps and the hardware and networks to ...

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Advanced Social Media

The following article builds on my mega-guide by discussing how to develop your social media influence and other advanced topics. I also talk about social media management, outsourcing and the last section is on creating a Daily Action Plan for your social media activities. How Do You Build Your Social Media Influence? We’ve seen how important social media influence can ...

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How to Dominate Social Media

Your Mega-Guide to Social Media In the following mega-guide, I have linked all social media resources on, to serve as a quick-reference hub. Use this guide to do a deep dive into the social media landscape heading into 2016, or skim for ideas you can quickly implement in your business right now. Social media is often what makes the ...

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Firewalls and Antivirus Software

Let’s talk about firewalls and antivirus software. In the context that I am speaking of, these are two different things. The purpose of the antivirus software is to detect viruses that might be coming in through email attachments or viruses that might be coming through other sites that you visit while you’re visiting them real time. That’s when antivirus software ...

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004 Flying High with WordPress

This week I create a WordPress site for a glider community with a booking system, memberships, status beacon, online store, and integration into Google Groups. Plus I touch on a few of the most powerful features of WP I hardly hear people talk about. Show notes: WordPress plugins mentioned on the show: Paid Memberships Pro Recommended! Woocommerce Custom Post Type ...

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The Battle for Mobile

…and how it affects YOUR website Google’s Obsession: Mobile Google’s online advertising dominance is under threat from the Instagrams and Snapchats of the interwebs, while Facebook and Apple are making moves that could deal heavy blows to Google ad revenue. Where is this battle taking place? On mobile devices. Mobile keeps people off Google. People search for things within discrete ...

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Password Managers

Today I’m going to be talking about a site called There is a free version and there is a premium version but the free version will do pretty much what you needed to do. Basically, how this system works is it saves all of your passwords in a specific centralized location on and it encrypts it so well ...

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Your Site is Probably Being Attacked Right Now

Your Website Is Putting Your Business At Risk As you read this your site is probably being attacked. Most attacks are automated, jumping from site to site looking for specific vulnerabilities. Thousands of sites are scanned by hackers each minute looking for targets. That’s the harsh reality of today’s online world. In my experience in building and managing websites for ...

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Basic Online Protection

You’ve heard of the statement, “Don’t open email attachments or even emails from people that you don’t know.” Keep in mind that some of the viruses can attack people that you do know and you have no idea that the pictures, the family photos that they’re sending to you are attached with viruses and spyware because their computer got infected. ...

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