The way spyware works is that it gets onto your computer and it basically spies on you and it looks at all the websites you visit, what you do on your computer, what you type into your computer, it spies on the mouse clicks and so forth. Imagine going into a financial bank site filling in your username and password and that information being sent to the spyware hacker themselves. That’s what spyware is. Spyware can do a lot of other things, it can highjack your browser so for example, a lot of the symptoms that you might face is a very slow Internet surfing. For example, you go to the browser whether it’s Google Chrome, IE, whatever, what it does is it highjacks your host file, which is part of your computer. Basically, your host file talks to your Internet browser and if it highjacks it, it can highjack your homepage, so every time you type something up at the top or even go to your homepage, it goes to a different homepage.

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