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To-Do Lists in Evernote

evernote-iphoneAre you still making to-do lists with pen and paper, and then can’t find your list when you need it? While writing things down is good, there is a better way remember things and organized. In this digital era one way is to switch over to an app that allows you to create as many to-do lists as you wish and have them at your fingertips when needed. Want to know how?

The problem most people have with software programs is that they are complicated to learn and use to offer any benefit. It’s much easier to stick with using paper, so many people never try anything new that may actually help and be easy to use.

Creating lists in Evernote is quick and easy. You can add checkboxes that you get to mark off once each task is completed. Plus you can attach files and additional notes to your lists as well.

To create a list in Evernote simply create a task note and label it appropriately. You may want to have a Daily To-Do List, Priority List and Personal List. If you run a business it may be helpful to create a weekly list of everything that you must accomplish for your business. Then simply pull each item into your Daily or Priority list as needed.

The great thing about using Evernote for any type of list is that it will sync across all of your computers and mobile devices. Plus it works on Mac and Windows. There is no issue if you have a Mac book Pro and a PC, it will keep all your lists up to date on both.

Found a great recipe online on your computer? Copy the ingredients to an Evernote list from your computer. The next time you’re at the store, your recipe shopping list is right there on your phone!

To take full advantage of Evernote, get into the habit of updating your lists throughout the day. Check off tasks as they are completed and add anything that suddenly crops up.

To-do and checklists can help ensure you stick to your goals. Studies show that mentally preparing yourself for a situation, such as imagining yourself doing tasks before you actually do them, give yourself a much greater chance of success with those tasks.
In addition to things you need to do each day, try some of these ideas to help you reach long-term goals:

  • Workout for XX minutes.
  • Eat a healthy lunch instead of fast food.
  • Spend an hour reading a book that will help further your career.
  • Take 5 minutes to reflect on 3 things you’re grateful for.
  • Plan and create a checklist for tomorrow.

Use Evernote to create lists for each area of your business and personal life and track how much you actually get done each day. You’ll love getting into the habit of checking off your tasks!

Evernote is can do a lot more than task management. For more on Evernote, how to use the desktop version and apps, please see the Evernote video course we have for our members complete with download guides.

Here’s an infographic on other popular task apps:

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How to Tame Your Task List

How to Tame Your Task List
Infographic by Quill

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